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We recently used the services of Matiz and we were delighted with the professional and personal touch of the interpreter. In business it is important to have social skills as well as a business-like approach and this difficult combination was perfectly achieved by Begoña Martínez.

The main meeting was technical, but this was not a problem as Bego had done her homework.

The customer was also very complimentary about the service provided and this is the real reference.

Mel Foster, Business Unit Manager Export, Ralston Colour and Coatings, Netherlands.
Our service: bilateral interpreting in social meetings and formal negotiations


My experience with Matiz Soluciones Lingüísticas has been excellent for many reasons. Firstly, for their professionalism. Matiz’s professional competence played a decisive role in the detailed planning and execution of an international seminar involving high-level speakers of different languages.”

Jose A. Zamora
Senior Council for Scientific Research, Madrid

Our experience with Matiz Soluciones Lingüísticas can be summed up by their availability, professionalism, flexibility and friendly manner. You really can’t ask for more in a working relationship.”

Rafa Monferrer
EuroEthos Project
Universidad de Valencia

Our experience with the Matiz Group has been more than satisfactory. They met our urgent needs in an excellent manner and the end result was just what we wanted. They treated us kindly and attentively, despite the distance. We hope we get the chance to work with you again soon.”

Carmen Martí
ÉTNOR Fundación para la Ética de los Negocios y las Organizaciones

Matiz has worked closely with us on several projects, adjusting perfectly to the specifications that we, as a communications and marketing company of new technologies, demand from our partners. As a young company they have worked at understanding the new languages of Information Technology and have been able to perfectly insert our content into different support systems, making our job easier and simplifying the processes.”

Daniel de las Cuevas Sáez
Creative Department of Metrópoli Creativa S.C.

Part of our success depends upon the seriousness and flexibility of our partners. Up to now, our experience with Matiz has been about them offering quality guaranteed translations in the time frames we require, and without surprises.”

Resu Trabalón
Subvenciona, Consultancy for Subsidies and Grants

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