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Bilateral Interpreting

Bilateral interpreting is used in meetings between two people or a group of people. After each statement and based on the notes taken, a Matiz interpreter will translate what one party says into the language of the other, and vice versa. Bilateral interpreting is the ideal solution for those sensitive negotiations and meetings where significant amounts of information is exchanged.


  • For those sensitive or tense meetings, allow extra time for the participating parties to reflect. This will contribute to a more favorable atmosphere of negotiation.
  • Just like consecutive interpreting, allow double the time for the meeting.
  • Bilateral interpreting is a variant of consecutive interpreting.

Client testimonial for our bilateral interpreting service

We recently used the services of Matiz and we were delighted with the professional and personal touch of the interpreterIn business it is important to have social skills as well as a business-like approach and this difficult combination was perfectly achieved by Begoña Martínez.

The main meeting was technical, but this was not a problem as Bego had done her homework.

The customer was also very complimentary about the service provided and this is the real reference.

Mel Foster, Business Unit Manager Export, Ralston Colour and Coatings, Netherlands.
Our service: bilateral interpreting in social meetings and formal negotiations

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