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With Matiz, everyone speaks the same language.

With Matiz, you can communicate in any situation. Our interpreters can translate anything from international conferences to neighbourhood community gatherings.

What exactly is interpreting? Isn’t translation the same thing?

Interpreting is the oral translation of one language to another, whereas translation is the written form. At Matiz, we advise you on the best type of interpreting service for your events: congresses, conferences, meetings, press conferences…

Some examples

What sets us apart

  • We offer all variants of interpreting: simultaneous, consecutive, whispered (chuchotage), bilateral and telephone (three-way call).
  • Before giving you a quote, we advise you on availability. Check with us the availability of interpreters for your congress, conference or meeting.
  • Just like our other services, we provide fixed quotes in advance. For those endless meetings, we give you a fixed quote based on an hourly rate.
  • We help you organize your event by offering you the services of our best providers of simultaneous translation booths, receivers and sound equipment.

Satisfied clients

Matiz’s professional competence played a decisive role in the detailed planning
and execution of an international seminar involving high-level speakers of different languages.”
Jose A. Zamora
Senior Council for Scientific Research, Madrid

We help you with the rest

  • Sound equipment: if the room lacks equipment or has poor acoustics, we can provide you with professional sound equipment.
  • Simultaneous interpreting equipment.
    • Simultaneous interpreting booths: simultaneous interpreting requires soundproof booths for each language.
    • Receivers: these are the devices which allow the participants to hear the translation.

The types of interpreting we offer

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