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A contra luz, Against the Light

An image of Against the Light, a short film subtitled by Matiz for Ala Deriva Films

Corporate video, documentaries and movies can be seen and understood around the world thanks to new technologies in subtitling.

What sets us apart

•    We follow the same quality control checks we use with our translations – with independent translators and editors/proofreaders.
•    We take care of the entire process, including the timing of the appearance of the subtitles.
•    We adapt to your video and subtitle formatting needs, saving you time and effort.

More movie solutions

•    Voice-over: superimposing voices (voice-over) means adding a new voice in the target language, something you no doubt have heard in documentaries and interviews.
•    Script translation: we translate shooting scripts and dialogue lists for dubbing.
•    Transcription: when a script is lost, when there never was one, or when one was improvised, just send us the video and we will return a script to you, with or without the time codes and in as many languages as you like.

Some examples

•    Corporate video: the multimedia presentation your company deserves.
•    Documentaries: bringing culture to the masses.
•    Movies, series and short films: allowing your audience to enjoy the original voices without losing track of what’s going on.


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