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Web page translation (localization of web pages)

Offer your visitors the content they seek in the languages of their choice. Matiz translates your pages so that you can reach a greater audience.

What sets us apart

•    We work directly with the source code (HTML, xHTML, XML, PHP, ASP, and ActionScript) of your static website, CMS or online application.
•    We adjust to your specific terminology needs using our translation software and terminology management systems.

Translation memories

Translation memories allow for the reuse of translations from previous versions, something which is especially useful for web pages. Commonly known as TMs, these are databases which store complete translated phrases and offer the translator the option of reusing them when they appear in new texts.

Do you have a design project?

If you have a design project and you’re preparing a website for a client, Matiz can help you localize it into various languages – easily installed and guaranteed. Give us a call! We will prepare a fixed quote for translation into any of the 23 languages we offer, in writing and with no surprises. As with all our translations, you will benefit from a lifetime guarantee and protection with our insurance cover.

Some examples

•    Corporate websites
•    Research groups and scientific projects
•    Blogs
•    Online communities
•    News bulletins
•    E-mail

Inclusive solutions

Matiz offers a number of service packages you may be interested in.  Why not try:
•    The Matiz multilingual website or blog: an ideal solution for your international image.

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