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Editing and proofreading

Matiz can help you make your texts clearer and more convincing. We can correct your spelling, punctuation and grammar, so that the style is the one you want.

Matiz not only corrects documents originally written in Spanish, but also in other languages. At Matiz, we correct texts in the main languages in the current market and many more: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Czech, Slovak, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Romanian, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Basque and Galician.

Why we are different

  • We accept texts in LaTeX format. (What is LaTeX?)
  • We know that you want to have the last word regarding your work. We can send you a list of changes so that you can decide for yourself what you want to accept.
  • We provide comments explaining our decisions in order to create faultless texts and to avoid making the same mistake twice.
  • No one understands better than us the effort that goes into writing text and expressing ideas in a clear, concise and even funny way.

Some examples

  • Scientific articles written by non-native speakers which will be published in specialized magazines.
  • Curriculums: how you write says a lot about you.
  • Catalogues: when it comes to large print runs, errors can be costly.

Regarding machine translation

Matiz corrects translations written by other people. For cost and quality reasons, Matiz does not correct translations carried out by automated translation software. You will receive a better and cheaper translation if a Matiz translator translates directly from the original file.

What do I get when I ask for correction?

Matiz offers two possible solutions, depending on your needs.

  • Final text: We deliver the final corrected text which is ready to publish. This is ideal for quick delivery projects or when the text is not written in the author’s mother tongue.
  • Text with comments: We will deliver a report with the changes and comments from the editor, so you can incorporate them into the document and maintain control of the final text.
Matiz offers correction of spelling and punctuation, correction of grammar and style, use of style guides for scientific publications, etc. Ask us, and we will advise you!


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