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Our 2009 Festival programme translated into English, French and German

PLEASE NOTE: This text is about the 2009 Festival programme, not the 2010 one, which has been translated by somebody else. We have received complaints about this year’s translation not being up to standard. If you think this is the case, please by all means let the organizers know.

Today we present a sample of our work that the people of Cartagena and its visitors have been enjoying over the last two weeks.

As some of you lucky ones will have seen at the Carthagineses y Romanos Festival, Matiz was in charge of editing this year’s introduction and programme in Spanish, as well as translating these texts into English, French and German.

We want to thank everyone in the Matiz team for the effort they have put in over the summer months and for contributing towards making this September festival more successful and internationally recognised (despite the rain at the end!).

We couldn’t write this article without adding a link to this spectacular series of photos of Matiz translator Pablo Campos in his role as General Aníbal Barca, or to this photo gallery of the regional newspaper La Verdad which shows the wedding of Aníbal and Himilce.

If this programme whets your appetite, just think that next year’s is every day that bit nearer!

You can download from here the PDF version which is totally free (755kb), and with this small application (courtesy of Google Docs) you can view it from your browser without the need to download it.

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