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Two interns, one goal

Here’s what our two girls have to say…

VIRGINIA: Photocopier at my side… whilst writing about my experiences at Matiz.  Photocopier? Yes, I’m on an internship at Matiz.  But here we don’t succumb to the cliché of internships being just photocopying and coffee making, no, here, we’re all in it together.

LUCY:  Many companies give internships a bad reputation: lots of work in something you are unqualified for, with no explanation and the constant coffee making.  But not at Matiz!  Here we are youthful mix of interns and employees.  Many of us are here just over the summer months to learn and others long term.

At least they quickly changed their minds – at Matiz we do have coffee but as a group!

VIRGINIA:  When I think of work placements normally I just think of suits with grey faces, but Matiz has changed my mind.  All that counts in this translation agency is what’s inside, our skills.  And those we don’t have?  You simply have to learn them!  We learn the ins and outs of translation agencies: project management, human resources, accounting, Google Apps… until you realize how much you appreciate the summer and your free time – it couldn’t all be good!

LUCY:   I have translated texts for some of the main contractors for Matiz, a fairly daunting task for an amateur, and learnt how a translation agency works.  From experience of other internships I know that responsibility is often something interns lack and therefore they can feel undervalued and unwanted.  The bosses at Matiz however are not afraid to give responsibility to interns, and with their support, all the interns here work efficiently and confidently.

We’re so pleased you’ve learnt so much!

VIRGINIA:  What do the Matiz internships involve?  Well, throughout our degrees we are taught to create.  At Matiz we learn to organize, to make sure that all the translations that go through our company are perfect quality and on time.  It’s a complicated task of coordination and cosmopolitan camaraderie.

LUCY:  Before starting a new internship one always has a few fears and worries, especially when it’s not in your mother tongue.  In general when learning another language I dread speaking on the phone, as I’m sure many do, and since being here this has been a requirement.  But even though I have, on many occasions, broken out in a sweat before the phone call, I have got through it and I am now (slightly) more confident.

Of course we want them to get over their fears, we like to mother them a little too much!

VIRGINIA: I urge you to take the risk and go deep in to the depths of the unknown (and known) world of professional work placements to gain invaluable experience.  What have you got to lose?

LUCY: I still have a lot to discover in the world of translation, but after my first weeks at Matiz, I am in no doubt that I will continue to learn and develop my skills as a translator whilst gaining invaluable connections and incomparable experience.  What more could you ask for from an internship?

We like the conclusions they’ve come to… now, fly, little birds, fly!

Virginia Campoy.  Degree in Translation and Interpretation from the University of Salamanca, Masters in Audiovisual Translation and Masters in Editorial Translation.  I am now researching new translation technologies.  If you are an active translator, I need your help!  Please fill in this survey:  If not, please could you pass this on to any translators you may know.

Lucy Sanders.  I study Linguistics and Translation in Leeds, West Yorkshire and for the past year have been studying here in Murcia. As well as this opportunity at Matiz, I also volunteer at an organization, CATS. (Comité de apoyo a las trabajadoras del sexo) that aims at supporting prostitutes, to fight for their rights and against the negative stigma that sex workers encounter.

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